KT Signals

KT is a real-time proven algorithm developed by our professional traders to find the beginning of stock move with a high probability of a strong sustained future trend. Finding the upcoming trends is easier than many make it. The KT algorithm is accurate, simple, and easy to trade. It minimizes the variabilities of the market such as news, analysts, earnings, and other random market variables to help you cut through the endless sea of information and get down to doing what we all set out to do in the market - Make Money.

How does it work?

Simple Moving Average

A simple moving average crossover technique combined with a set of instructions that looks at the past 2 years of the stock to identify common setups before most strong moves.

Entering the Trend

Analyzing the current moving average crossover in relation to past history to suggest an entry point with a higher probability of emerging into a strong trend.

Defined Stops and Price Targets

Defined stops and price targets based on closing prices are delivered with each entry point. A time expiration componenent is also utlized as a stop parameter.

Riding the Trend

When a price target is acheived, adjusted price targets and stops are crafted to allow the riding of a big trend.

Top Performers

Symbol Avg. Gain Total Gains
MGM 11.07% 11.07%
NVDA 9.91% 227.94%
BABA 8.75% 131.21%
FCX 5.87% 146.69%
AAPL 5.83% 116.57%
DIS 5.33% 5.33%
MU 5.04% 121.06%
UAA 4.73% 61.55%

*Data Since 2015

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