The MarketVibe™ is a tool built for evaluating exposure, hedging portfolios, and speculative option trading. It is a number derived from market internals and various algorithms and gives a snapshot of the entire market. There are many variables involved in the algorithm and the balance between these is critical to understanding the difference between major reversal points in the market and everyday market activity.

Extremes and Reversals

When is the market at extreme levels and will it reverse? When will it reverse and will it continue to reverse?

New Trends

Is a new trend forming or is the market movement going to continue in its current trend?


Which events are having an impact on the price action in the overall market? Which events can be considered non-events?

The MarketVibe is a forecaster, not a hindsight indicator.

The MarketVibe™ is updated daily around mid-day. The majority of the days, there is not a new signal, though the key to the MarketVibe is being able to see the shifts and changes that come into play.

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