The TrendRiderâ„¢ is a technical trigger system created by our in-house traders to identify and take advantage of upcoming trends. Designed to find stocks that are coming out of a consolidation or tight trading phase and into the next movement phase, the TrendRiderâ„¢ often signals ahead of explosive moves in the stock price. These signals time entries and exits for a large gain potential while using an adjusted stop to manage risk.

The Components

The TrendRider is based on several indicators that measure magnitudes of consolidation and strength of breakouts. Institutional money flows are factored in as well.

Which Stocks?

The TrendRider works best for Mid-Cap and Small Cap stocks as well as some Large Cap stocks; however, they are susceptible to bull and bear traps.

Top Performers

Symbol Avg. Gain Total Gains
WTW 33.65% 201.90%
VLO 21.57% 21.57%
CLR 14.52% 174.18%
DDD 13.98% 139.83%
AKS 11.36% 136.27%
AMD 9.63% 105.91%
GNW 8.77% 122.79%
CHK 8.33% 108.27%

*Data Since 2015

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